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Mattea Magedanz

(aka flickflicky)

 animation & illustration

My Name Is


I’m an artist based in the Milwaukee area.

Currently studying 2D animation at MATC. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Animate, Adobe After Effects, and Toon Boom are my main strengths, but I am able to learn new software very quickly.

My goal is to create a unique aesthetic piece or series of art that will leave a lasting impression.



Digital Paintings Gallery

Various digital paintings I've made on photoshop for my personal galleries and classes at Milwaukee Area Tech.

Character Designs for His Darling Death & Daisies

These are character designs for a game I am currently solo developing. I'm currently making it in unity, and hoping to have it on steam by June 1st, 2024.


Including animatics for Part 1 of The Gnocchi Spell, Part 1 of Baby Pink, and Steamy Creamy Crazy.

Frame By Frame

Animation Projects

Frame By Frame
& More

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